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It's the Old Trafford Test today - the highlight of the Mancunian cricketing calendar. What kind of calendar have you got? One with badgers on? Not us. Ian "Fatty" Austin's July. We can't wait.

We'll be attending the Test on Saturday (day three), so if there's an update on Saturday evening, er, it's not us. It's, er... we'll have been hacked or something. Definitely not us though.

If you're attending a Test or indeed any form of cricket this summer, why not send us a report.

However, under no circumstances should you actually mention the cricket itself. If you concentrate on the incidental and the downright mundane, that'll make us very happy indeed.

The only exception is if you're playing a game with your mate down the drive and the stumps are chalked on the garage door. In that situation, or a similar one, we really do want to know how the match went.


Thursday, June 07, 2007

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Blogger KK Iyer said...

i have a match report... it's rather long, so if you want to read it, do visit
sometime. we use a rusty, broken steel chair, since chalking stumps onto the gate is a rather tricky affair, since it's this wireframe sort of thing with a rectangular piece of steel behind it. it serves as our boundary for underarm test matches, and as a wicketkeeper/first slip whenever we play the evolved, whirl your arm about format (we don't suffer from too many suspect actions, unless jumping off the wrong foot is suddenly made illegal); where there are no runs, the object is to simply survive, and if possible, look like you're a proper batsman while doing so.

6:14 am  

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