World Cup match features supporters AND excitement

The World Cup's actually started! There was a crowd; an atmosphere; a tight finish; and at the end of it all, one side were knocked out of the World Cup.

So were the other side of course, because this was a dead rubber, both England and the West Indies already being unable to progress. They still provided the best match yet though. It was the first time it's really felt like the World Cup to us. It's all been a bit damp.

How much of that has been to do with the crowds? 'Crowd' is perhaps the wrong word, because it implies congestion. Supporters have been strewn around these stadia as if it's Derbyshire Seconds against Kent Seconds on a rainy Monday in April. This should never happen again at a World Cup. Ever.

The majority of yesterday's supporters came to pay tribute to King Brian Charles Lara in his final match. He was run out for 18, which was sad in a way, but is anyone going to remember that moment when they think of him in the future? We're not. We'll remember the best of Brian Lara.

We wonder as well whether this match will be the one we remember from this World Cup, despite its pointlessness. In many ways it was a classic one-day match: A number of players contributed; there were sixes and chaotic run-outs; and with two balls to go, you still didn't know who was going to win.

Where so many matches have been inexorable marches for the winner, this was a joyous battle between both sides. Hopefully the semi finals and final will be more along these lines.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

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