Brian Lara retires

Brian Lara said before the World Cup that he was retiring from one-dayers at the end of the tournament, but it turns out he's retiring from cricket altogether.

This is far too sad an announcement for a Friday. Brian Lara was quite simply one of the greatest cricketers of all time. He's been King Cricket ever since we started this site. Newer readers will think that we're King Cricket, but our original intention was just to honour the current giants of the game. We haven't updated the King Cricket top ten for over a year now, so maybe we should just quietly retire that feature.

Our genuine awe for Brian Lara is perhaps best expressed in the following posts:

Brian Lara's inside-out drive
Brian Lara hits 501 for Warwickshire against Durham
Brian Lara hits a hundred before lunch against Pakistan
Brian Lara hits 153 not out against Australia

Tomorrow will be his final cricket match and we find ourselves in the same position as always: Wanting Lara to hit a hundred and England to win.

It's the last glimpse of that colossal backlift, everybody. Here's hoping he shows everyone else just how shit they are in comparison.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

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Anonymous Fudgepacker said...

i have just viewed, your so called king cricket top 10. i believe this feature is in serious need of updating!... Steve Harmison! i doubt he'd make anyones top 50... not even his own wifes. and what about murali..... surely a promotion is in order. i could continue, but i believe you deserve the chance to make good this feature.

1:26 am  

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