King Cricket: Brian Lara

Brian Lara rocks like Megadeth in a hammock being buffeted by a force 10 gale.

He doesn’t have the average of Tendulkar – this is mainly because he’s had some lean years as well as some years where he’s not played because he’s been sulking.

He’s played in the worst West Indian sides there have ever been and yet he’s scored more Test runs than anyone; he is the only person to have scored 500 in a first class innings; he’s the only person who has scored 400 in a Test innings and he’s the only person to reclaim the top Test score having lost it.

He’s not the most reliable, but do you see Jacques Kallis in this top ten? No-one, but no-one can bat as well as Lara at his best.

Brian Lara. We crown you King Cricket.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

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