Peter Moores is new England coach

That didn't take long. Peter Moores has been confirmed as the long-term successor to Duncan Fletcher, as England's coach.

We're perfectly happy with this. We like the idea that things are run with structure and a plan. We tend to freewheel in our own everyday life and that hasn't translated into a great deal of success. We were fine with the other candidates, Tom Moody and Dav Whatmore as well, but Peter Moores knows the players and is greatly responsible for turning Sussex, one of the smaller counties, into very much the dominant force in county cricket.

We're also pleased because this picture clearly shows that Rob Key is ASTOUNDED by Peter Moores' methods. If they're good enough for Rob, they're good enough for us. Peter Moores is probably instructing Rob to save his trick of floating in the air, surrounded by glowing light until after he's played himself in. This is a revelation for Rob, but when he tries it there will be HELL TO PAY for the world's bowlers.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

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Anonymous Chris said...

Hmm. I think King Rob is thinking: Duncan said what? Another A tour?

4:48 pm  
Anonymous Chris said...

Actually, no. I think Mr Key is shocked by something he can see reflected in Matt Prior's head. The domelike shape has caused a distortion in the reflection. Perhaps Rob thinks he is about to be attacked by a killer starling.

5:24 pm  

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