Brad Hogg and Lloyd Braun from Seinfeld

When Marty McFly went back to November 5th 1955, Brad Hogg must have come the other way. Look at his haircut. He's a man in the wrong era.

We spent ages trying to work out who Brad Hogg reminded us of and we've eventually settled on the character Lloyd Braun who appears in Seinfeld.

We say 'settled' because we're not really convinced that this is who we're thinking of. We're working on the theory that if we put these pictures up on the internet, it'll work as a form of catharsis and we'll stop thinking about it.

We're not in favour of cricketing look-a-likes. This is the kind of post we usually try and bury by publishing another immediately afterwards.

Reasons why this update's rubbish:

(1) This particular photo of Brad Hogg doesn't show him looking particularly 50s.

(2) This particular photo of Brad Hogg doesn't show him looking particularly like Lloyd Braun.

(3) Brad Hogg's had his hair cut since he looked like he was from the 50s, so both points are now redundant.

He does look a bit like Lloyd Braun though. Honest.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

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Blogger Jamie said...

Dear Mr Hogg,

Do stop scaring the children please, and for gods sake man, put the tongue away, you fat tongued freaky bowling twat.

Best regards,

Jamie R P Dormon Esq.

12:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brad Hogg - Steve Carrell with light brown hair. Bah. Speaking pn that, Michael Vaughan seems a spitting image of Jack Davenport (This Life, Coupling, etc.)

6:05 am  

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