Ravi Bopara - a bit of writing in which his name crops up from time to time

We've really got to write something about Ravi Bopara after his valiant - yet ultimately futile - innings in England's World Cup defeat to Sri Lanka yesterday. It's all pretty obvious though, isn't it?

It was a good innings. It would have been better if he'd scored three more. He's young. Maybe he'll be really good.

Let's use words like 'maturity', 'focus', 'promise', 'calm' and 'nerveless'. Let's not put them into sentences though. Putting those words into sentences is the job of people who HAVE to write these sorts of things. We don't have to write anything about Ravi Bopara - we just feel like we should.

As a result of these factors, we're updating in an even more half-arsed fashion than usual. Our writing must be down to about one 256th of an arse by now.

We've really got a soft spot for this picture of Ravi Bopara. It's because of evil Mal Loye in the background. Look at him. Look how evil he is. (We like Mal Loye, by the way - he's only evil in this one photo.)

The end.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sri lanka can't be stopped by someone like Bopara. They are going to win.

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9:47 am  

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