West Indies' baffling team selection

They probably would have lost anyway playing the way they did, but the West Indies team for yesterday's match against New Zealand was bizarre. It also sent out the wrong message.

They selected an extra batsman, Lendl Simmons, in place of a bowler. They obviously wanted depth in their batting, which is a strength when it happens naturally, but smacks of a lack of confidence in the upper order on this situation.

Sure enough, the top order stuttered and faltered, but bizarrely, Simmons didn't come in until number eight. He was 14 not out when the Windies lost their final wicket, so they didn't really get anything out of him anyway.

We're just enraged because of the three pounds we've got riding on the Windies. How dare they be so reckless when there's cold, hard cash at stake.

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Friday, March 30, 2007

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