England in the Super 8s

We've not actually written a great deal about England yet. That's because they haven't really done anything remotely interesting.

We're not that keen on reading too much into victories over weaker opposition, so we ignored the Canada match. The Kenya match was more impressive, but it was still an expected win for England.

However, the upshot is that England have qualified for the Super 8s, which isn't bad for them. Usually they somehow contrive to get themselves knocked out before anyone's noticed there's a World Cup on. At least this way they've got at least six more games.

England lost to New Zealand in the group stages. This result is carried into the Super 8s, so England have no points and New Zealand have two. Mediocrity won't get England anywhere now. They have to start winning a lot more than they lose. We can see this going down to run-rate as well, so winning well is important.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

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