Yuvraj Singh departs the World Cup

Along with the rest of the Indian team. They can't really complain. If you've realistic hopes of winning the World Cup you don't lose two of your opening three matches - whoever they're against. Bangladesh completed their predicted win over Bermuda, so now it's official. India are out.

It was a tricky group with Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, but world champions are supposed to be better than everyone else. That's rather the point. India aren't world champions.

Our Indian player to watch was Yuvraj Singh. He didn't disgrace himself with 47 in the defeat to Bangladesh and a rollicking 83 off 46 balls against Bermuda. On the other hand, should that 47 have been more? And his run-out against Sri Lanka was demented.

Seven World Cup players to watch remain.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

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