Penguins Stopped Play winners

To recap, the question posed was:

The author of Penguins Stopped Play, Harry Thompson, opened the batting for his side, The Captain Scott XI. But which Thomson (no P) opened the bowling for Australia alongside Dennis Lillee?

The answer was of course, Jeff Thomson.

One of the winners, Scott, actually went so far as to give two correct answers. In addition to opening the bowling alongside Jeff Thomson a good few times, Dennis Lillee also opened the bowling with Alan Lloyd Thomson at Adelaide in 1971, in his (Lillee's) first Test and Alan's last.

The following five names were the first out of the King Cricket fez and have won a copy of Penguins Stopped Play by Harry Thompson.

Jonah in the Whale
Chris Fauske
Srihari Sadasivan
Omar Haq
Scott Collier

Congratulations, you five. We've passed your email addresses on to the publishers who should get in touch shortly.

What are the best cricket books?

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