Greg Chappell resigns as India coach

We're not upset about this. Greg Chappell always strikes us the kind of person who says: 'If I've got a problem with someone, I'll tell them. I'll tell them to their face. That's just me.'

People who say that ALWAYS have problems with people. They have problems with everyone. This is because they're dicks.

Greg Chappell also took the rather unusual step of publicly humiliating Sourav Ganguly in an interview with Mike Selvey of the Guardian, about this time last year.

We thought this was staggeringly unprofessional, actually quite petty and maybe rather stupid as well. Particularly when you consider that Ganguly later returned to the side. That wouldn't have been awkward then. Ho no no.

Maybe Chappell's a great technical coach, we don't know, but as a bloke he clearly rubs many people up the wrong way.

We don't doubt for a minute that privately and maybe publicly, Greg Chappell considers himself to be not in the least bit responsible for India's premature World Cup exit. There are claims that he's questioned the attitude of senior India players during the World Cup.

Lash out, Greg. Blame anyone but yourself.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

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Blogger witan said...

Here below is some low-down on Greg Chappell's assistants.
Re: Frazer — “In 1988 ... Ian Frazer was 22 when he became one of the first inductees into the Adelaide-based Cricket Academy, where the aim was to prepare the country’s most promising talent for international competition. ... Scientists ‘have captured the sport,’ Chappell says. Though he acknowledges their theorizing has its benefits, he believes it’s being misused. Of biomechanics expert John Harmer, a coach at Cricket Australia’s Centre of Excellence in Brisbane, Chappell says: ‘I’ve heard John (give lectures) and he’s brilliant. Everything makes sense. But coaches think, ‘Wasn’t that great!’ and they go away and try to teach it to kids, who don’t understand it’ and shouldn’t be thinking about it anyway.” --- These facts show that (1) Chappell himself does not believe in the utility of “biomechanics”; and (2) the person identified as biomechanics expert in the Cricket Academy is John Harmer, ***not Ian Frazer***. Nothing could be found on the Internet describing Frazer as an expert in biomechanics. Also, even as a player, Frazer was not considered good enough to play in tests. In fact, the only “qualification” for Frazer seems to be that he is a BUSINESS ASSOCIATE OF CHAPPELL.
Charles Krebs; also, and is apparently a practitioner of weird therapies like “Neural Organization Technique”, which is totally unscientific but based on fantasies. It is plain quackery and could be dangerous. The mental and physical health of our cricketers was being endangered because of Greg Chappell persuading or forcing them to undergo “treatment” at the hands of these two so-called “experts”. Please note that it is only Chappell who has described them as experts. In the name of “discipline”, Chappell was bullying and demoralizing our players. Has some agency assigned him this “mission”? CHAPPELL SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED FOR THE POST OF COACH. I wish some criminal investigation agency would be asked to inquire into his appointment to find out whether anyone got illegal benefits.

12:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Witan, You have pointed out the truth about Ian Frazer
and his qualifications, he is just a business associate who set up the now defunct chappellway website.
Now they are busy at the Rajasthan Cricket Academy, with army style training and other nonsense. They are also on some T20 talent hunt while saying that this format is bad for youngsters. Coaching in cricket is humbug and its all about money. So it will attract all kinds of people. Bottom line it is the individual responsibilty of each player to work on himself. Input is more often hype, the application is the key

7:23 am  

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