Upul Tharanga, Sri Lanka - World Cup player to watch

When Sri Lanka arrived in England last year, Sanath Jayasuriya had (temporarily) retired and Sri Lanka's openers were virtual debutants. It all seemed too easy for the English.

It wasn't easy though. Not for England, anyway. Upul Tharanga took them to the cleaners. It was a blessed relief when the one-day series finally ended. Tharanga and Jayasuriya destroyed the confidence of England's bowlers and then continued to stomp up and down on the remains with unwavering mercilessness.

It all culminated in the fifth one-dayer when the pair added - no, pulverised - 286 in just 32 overs of bedlam. Afterwards it took a month to dig up half of England's one-day side, they were ground into the dirt so efficiently.

More hundreds followed for Tharanga in The Champions' Trophy. This guy could easily prove to be one of the newer generation of stars at this World Cup.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

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