This is Jeremy Bray - he had a good day yesterday

Ireland tied with Zimbabwe. Yes, that's right - tied. It doesn't happen all that often.

Congratulations to Ireland on a splendid performance. Jeremy Bray in particular who hit 115 not out. Jeremy Bray has a painfully short first-class record, considering that he played for Australia under-19s. He actually played for New South Wales briefly, but shortly afterwards moved to Ireland with his girlfriend who returned to see her seriously ill father.

On that basis, he sounds like a selfless sort of chap and as we know virtually nothing else about him, that's the way we're going to depict him. So let's all give Jeremy Bray a hearty slap on the back. For once, this is his day. Or rather yesterday was.

Zimbabwe needed 15 off 36 balls with four wickets intact. We're slightly torn between our desire to credit Ireland with a fantastic fightback and our equally strong desire to say that Zimbabwe are shit.

Let's just say that it was a true team performance by Ireland. The lower order supported Bray magnificently, helping Ireland to 221-9 after being 89-5. Then, in the field, seven wickets were shared between six bowlers and there were three run-outs.

Maybe it's just because it's Friday and the sun's shining and we've already finished all our work for the week, but this Ireland performance has gladdened our cold, stony, unfeeling heart.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

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