The World Cup site stirs

Just a quick note to remind you all about our World Cup site.

We've got the right squads up for the main teams now (we stop before Zimbabwe), although we haven't written a full profile for every single player. We've somehow managed to avoid writing anything about Sachin Tendulkar for example. That's quite a big error.

The site still doesn't look too smart either. We can't see that changing in time for the World Cup. You might also be wondering what the point of having a World Cup site is, when we already write a cricket site.

1: It was originally for the player profiles. We should probably put up a fixture list and the group tables and things as well, but again, we can't see that happening.

2: It's kind of an overflow site. We know how annoyed you all get when we write more than three updates in a day. This way the proper posts can go here and all the dross can clog up the World Cup site.

We've been learning 'the hard sell' from our friend who talked the distributor of his CD out of selling it for any kind of profit.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

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really interesting blog about cricket (a difficult game for one who came from soccer)
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