Bangladesh are coming

Mashrafe MortazaHands up who's sick of us going on about how Bangladesh are going to be great and how loads of cricketing 'experts' are going to be pleading for assistance from Dr Henry Heimlich because of all the humble pie they'll be gorging on.

Those of you 'reaching for the skies' - congratulations. You've been reading this site for ages.

For those of you with one hand on your mouse and the other fidgetting with a pen. Here's how we see Bangladesh and Zimbabwe - the two loser sides at the top table. Here's something more specific about how Bangladesh is going to be a tough tour before long. And for the masochists amongst you, here's the Bangladesh page. Quick! Read it! Read it now! Read it before we start losing posts off the bottom because we've never worked out how to add a 'previous entries' link!

So why the hell are we on about this? Because Bangladesh beat New Zealand yesterday. That's New Zealand who just whitewashed Australia, by the way. It's yet more incontrovertible evidence that Bangladesh are IMPROVING and maybe AREN'T completely shit.

Mashrafe Mortaza took 4-44. Mashrafe Mortaza is crucial to Bangladesh's future hopes. If you click his name in the previous sentence, you'll get to quite a good post we did about him a while back. If you're thinking that there are too many links on offer at the moment, go for that one and ignore the others. We were having one of our all-too-rare good days. Alternatively, we might be in an over-excited mood now and might have lost our critical faculties when rereading it.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

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Blogger The Atheist said...

People said that about England, once. I doubt if those people are eating on humble pie.

They're mostly dead.

12:50 pm  

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