Chris Gayle, West Indies - World Cup player to watch

Chris Gayle is worth watching when he opens an innings. He's always been able to score at a merry old rate, but of late he's not been stopping. Hundreds have followed.

This perhaps overshadows the fact that he's a very, very fine one-day bowler. We don't like the phrase 'genuine all-rounder' because you're either an all-rounder or you're not. Chris Gayle is an all-rounder.

He's hit five-thousand-and-odd one-day runs at an average of about 39, but he's also taken 134 wickets at 32. Everyone says that this World Cup will be defined by six-hitting on the small grounds and spin bowling on the low bouncing wickets and who are we to argue? If this is true, then it's like the tournament's been designed specifically for Chris Gayle.

Of course form, proven class, home advantage and ideal conditions probably mean that he'll be an abject failure. It's all too perfect. Not that we're on familiar terms with perfection.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

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