Michael Vaughan's one-day batting

... is massively infuriating.

Michael Vaughan just can't seem to envisage batting ever getting any easier during a one-day innings. He started well enough today. He wasn't scoring quickly, but he'd got through an awkward new-ball spell where timing the ball had seemed impossible.

He hit a couple of nice fours, but you could tell he really felt like he wasn't doing enough. He kept going for the pull when it clearly wasn't happening and sure enough, he played on to his stumps.

Kevin Pietersen had just started finding the fence. The best thing Vaughan could have done would have been to stay around, wait until the field went back and then played singles, keeping wickets in hand until the closing overs. It really wasn't long until the fielding restrictions were due to end. Then it would have been a different game.

As it was, all he achieved was the loss of his wicket. As we write, England have now lost too many wickets and are taking what they can from the closing overs.

The same goes for Ian Bell. It remains to be seen whether Ian Bell was a great choice as a World Cup player to watch. So far, we're sorry everybody.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

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