Monty Panesar: Smart and English

Monty Panesar was called a 'stupid Indian' during England's warm-up against New South Wales by a dense prick in the crowd.

Just to clarify, Monty Panesar has a computer science degree and if you can't remember where he's from, just check the scoreboard. It says 'England' on it.

Maybe Monty should have responded that he was as Indian as the speaker was English. That would have gone down well. We're presuming that whoever it was, wasn't of Aboriginal descent.

The Sydney Daily Telegraph reports that the beered-up no-mark went on to add: "Give us a wave, Monty. You can't speak English, you stupid Indian. I'll have to say it in Indian," which you would have thought was an insanely optimistic offer on his part. Not least because there's no such language.

New South Wales' captain, Simon Katich, described the incident as 'disappointing'. When Matthew Hayden got bitten by a dog that time he described it as 'disappointing'. They seem to be a bit strapped for emotions Down Under at the minute. Everyone's just sharing the one.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, some of us are angry, saddened and embarrassed.

We're not all that shitty.

11:13 am  
Blogger Mahinda said...

Breaking news - Tresco's on the next flight home :-(

Could this be Rob Key's chance? Will he grab it like the Big Mac that it clearly is, or let it slip from his grasp like a watery WeightWatchers pasta special?

12:43 pm  

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