Darren Lehmann hits 99

It was a while back that we wrote how Darren Lehmann should still be playing for Australia. We know that we're also championing Phil Jaques and technically there aren't enough middle-order spots to go round, but we don't care. We stand by our opinion.

Yesterday, Darren Lehmann hit 99 while almost all of his co-batsmen floundered. You could have put money on it. The man's a machine. A big, bald, lardy, run-scoring machine.

We're aware that in our previous post we allude to Adelaide being a batsmen-friendly surface and you could point out that this would devalue Darren Lehmann's innings, but you're wrong, because we concluded that England bowled well, so that balances things out. Besides, who says that you can't have it both ways? Of course you can. We are doing. We're having it this way and we're having it that way. We don't know what we're having, but if you've got a further way of having it, we're in.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

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