Jerome Taylor brings delayed riposte

We wrongly predicted a stunning West Indies fightback in the first Test against Pakistan. It turns out that they were just biding their time until the second Test.

At 212-2 and even 315-5, Pakistan looked well-set for one of their traditionally humungous first innings totals, as is their wont at home. Thanks to Jerome Taylor they collapsed to 357 all out. He finished with 5-91. We still haven't seen him live, but he's quick and he takes wickets, so we can't see any problems. We've previously included a video of the hat-trick he took during the Champions' Trophy.

After that, the West Indian openers made the most of the momentum by reaching 151-0 at the close of play. You see: Bowling's always the key.

We're making a conscious effort to not ignore the whole of the rest of the cricketing world while the Ashes are on. You're with us, right?

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

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Blogger Tim Wigmore said...

Taylor certainly seems the real deal. Taking five wickets in Pakistan is some feet for a young quick.

8:36 pm  
Blogger omarhaq said...

well spoken - bowling is THE key -

we were lucky in the first test. the windies have woken up now. yet we will continue to play 3 allrounders who can't bowl or bat for (*&*( in tests

9:51 pm  

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