Mohammad Yousuf DOESN'T hit 192

It's a miracle. Mohammad Yousuf batted. He scored runs. Yet he DIDN'T make 192. It's some kind of miracle. He only made 191. Consequently, Pakistan drew with the West Indies.

In his last four matches, Yousuf can now boast two 192s and 191. He really needs to start converting some of these big hundreds into doubles.

Shameful batting.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

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Anonymous Cricket Maniac said...

Nice stats. The guy should be writhing under the pain of not being able to convert. And you call it shameful batting. I hope Mohammed Yousuf doesnt read this blog man. Run for yor safety if he does.:-)

4:09 pm  
Anonymous Mahinda said...

Am I the only one who momentarily thinks of Cat Stevens every time Mohammad Yousuf gets mentioned?


4:20 pm  

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