Marcus Trescothick to miss Ashes

Marcus Trescothick's 'stress-related condition' has flared up again and he's missing the Ashes. This is mighty bad. (We're not questioning the legitimacy of his condition with those inverted commas, incidentally - it's merely a reference to the predictability of the mainstream media who have settled on that phrase to explain his malaise.)

Marcus Trescothick is like a big, solid lump of familiarity at the top of the order. No, we'll go further than that: Marcus Trescothick IS a big, solid lump of familiarity at the top of the order. The reason why he's attained this status is because he's played heaps of games for England because he's so good at batting. To lose a player of his calibre is a bitter blow.

We wish Marcus the absolute best with his continuing struggle. If there were some way of indicating the absence of sarcasm, we'd have used it there. We're quite capable of genuine emotion, despite the vast majority of this site.

Most likely Alastair Cook will move up to open the batting with Andrew Strauss, thus removing England's selectorial headache surrounding the middle order. However, there is an alternative.

We should probably add that Mahinda beat us to that in the comments on our previous post. We were already thinking it though. Since about March.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

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Anonymous Mike said...

Like you said, Bangers is a big ol' solid lump and we're going to miss him, I think. Sure his form hasn't been that great and there were always going to be question marks about his mental strength in the face of the sledging he would have faced but I hoped that he would be strong enough to bounce back.

I just hope this isn't the last we'll see of him.

3:26 pm  
Anonymous Fancyclown said...

I wrote that unless the Aussies start bowling pukka pies, then it sholud be Shah. He has only played one test, true, but it wasa very confidant and at times cocky performance, which would work well agaisnt the Aussies.

I was a bit insensitive to his condition on my blog, but don't you think the ECB and others have messed this up with a lot of spin regarding his situation, I think some clarity on the matter wouldn't go amiss.

10:33 pm  

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