Murali returns to Lancashire

If we had to work up a bit of enthusiasm for Lancashire's retention of Brad Hodge then this is the kind of work where they pay you a fortune for drinking tea and sleeping a bit: Lancashire have re-signed Muttiah Muralitharan, part-time genius, full-time nicest man in history.

He'll only be around for a handful of matches, no doubt. We'll definitely try and catch one of them. We'll sit at fine-leg and buy him an ice cream.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

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Anonymous Mahinda said...

He favours Bacardi and Coke, IIRC.

That was a few years ago, mind.

1:55 pm  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...

We're going to ask this just once: Did you go to the pub with Muttiah Muralitharan?

Bet he didn't even let you buy a round.

2:17 pm  
Anonymous Mahinda said...

Yes, yes I did.

In Islington, back in 1998 I think. A friend-of-a-friend thing - a friend of mine had one of her family friends in the SL touring party, who was a young batsman trying to cement his place in the team. We met him in some pizza establishment, and he turned out to be a monobrowed chap called Mahela. He'd brought a mate along, who needed no introduction.

We headed to a bar or three, and I did get a round in - Mahela and Murali were both on Bacardi and Coke. The evening's all a bit of a haze, to be honest, as we ended up doing tequila slammers...not sure whether the cricketers partook of them, though, as they had to get back to the team hotel early.

Murali really is the nicest man in the world.

1:05 pm  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...

We were worried that you would have been out with Murali and that he would have revealed some unknown darker side.

But he didn't!

Best. Night out. Ever.

1:30 pm  

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