We missed some hundreds - Mark Ramprakash's primarily

That crept up on us. We try on top of things, but a whole load of stuff happened while we weren't looking. Mostly Mark Ramprakash happened.

We were checking the Surrey score quite frequently because we were monitoring Mark Butcher's score. That sounds a bit pompous - we were evading work and staring at scorecards. Anyway, Mark Ramprakash is on 276 not out. We could tell you all about Mark Ramprakash but we'll agree some shared knowledge here: gifted, under-performing at Test level, maybe a bit highly-strung. We don't like highly-strung people. They start to make us feel edgy. They must be overly-worried and panicking for a reason right?

Secondly, Andrew Strauss is on an unbeaten hundred after failing in the first innings and Ian Bell's on 72 not out while we're basking in England batsmen's good form.

Finally, Matt Prior hit 124. Matt Prior's one of our all-too-frequently appearing Ones To Watch. We can't be bothered copying the link in again. It's in the sidebar on the left if you've never been here before. He was batting at seven though. We're not sure about that. He makes a great number seven, don't get us wrong. He's quick-scoring and he WILL bat there for England one day. But seven for England is a world of difference from seven for Sussex. Maybe he kept getting caught in the toilet every time it was his turn to bat. That's what it must have been.

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Friday, July 06, 2012

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