What's with Mark Ramprakash?

When did Mark Ramprakash become Don Bradman exactly? He's always been one of the very best county players, but this season he's pushing the Envelope of Batsmanship.

We first started paying special attention to the boy when he got behind the Envelope of Batsmanship and gave it a hefty shove with what eventually became 292. In response to this mammoth innings of unparalleled perfection, we slagged him off a bit. Then we apologised. Now the stupid bugger's only making a second triple hundred attempt. He's 279 not out as we write. What drives him?

We just don't know what to think. We're resolutely against his getting selected for England: He's old and had his chance. But just look what he keeps doing. He was averaging 94.81 in the county championship before this match, so he's clearly going to top 100. This is his seventh hundred. It's just... just...

Do we wish we were Mark Ramprakash? Is that what this is? Are we besotted with Mark Ramprakash as a result of his magnificent form, while simultaneously kidding ourself that we hold him in no regard whatsoever. We are a bit mental, so it could be that.

Update: He made it. He reached 301 not out and then Surrey declared.


Friday, July 06, 2012

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