Mark Ramprakash passes 2,000 runs

Mark Ramprakash yesterday passed 2,000 runs. That's 2,000 first-class runs. And that's this season alone. Some players barely make that in a career. We're increasingly sceptical that we're going to make it, if we're honest.

Cricket writers always cite instances where a batsman has passed 1,000 runs for the season or whatever. Most of us don't have a clue what that means or how significant that is. We can put Mark Ramprakash's achievement into context to a degree.

Mark Ramprakash has, at the time of writing, hit 2,044 runs at 113.55. That's a big average for one thing, but we're concentrating on runs scored. The second highest run-scorer in first-class cricket is South African, H D Ackerman, who's hit 1,490 runs at 70.95. Then it's John Crawley, 1,411 at 67.19; then Murray Goodwin, 1,376 at 62.54; Andy Flower, 1,361 at 75.61 and Darren Lehmann, 1,272 at 70.66.

Basically, there's a fairly steady stream of run totals until you get to second place and then there's a gigantic jump to Mark Ramprakash. That's how well he's played this season: About a third better than anyone else.

Maybe he really wanted Galvatron (pictured) and his dad said he'd get him Galvatron if Mark could make 2,000 first-class runs this season. Mark's dad would have said this deliberately being certain that Mark would never manage to hit 2,000 first-class runs this season. Well the joke's on you, Mr Ramprakash. You're going to have to fork out for a sweet Transformer now. Well done Mark. Next year you should try for Grimlock.

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Friday, July 06, 2012

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's also got 300 one day runs in 8 innings at 60.00.

Quite good then.

3:45 pm  

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