Brad Hodge re-signs for Lancashire

That's 're-signs for' not 'resigns from'.

We were initially disappointed to hear that Brad Hodge had signed for Lancashire for two more years. Why? Well we didn't think he really pulled his weight in the middle-order and we're a big believer in getting a bowler as your overseas player. As we've previously mentioned: Bowlers win matches.

Then we thought about it for more than a fraction of a second. Lancashire can list among their bowlers Andrew Flintoff, Sajid Mahmood, James Anderson, Glen Chapple, Dominic Cork, Gary Keedy, Tom Smith and Kyle Hogg. You could realistically permute several representative England bowling attacks from those players: Current England, Former England, England Nearly-Men, Future England.

Then we thought about Lancashire's middle-order batsmen: Stuart Law. Fantastic as it would be to have Stuart Law batting at four, five and six, the poor guy would get confused as to which end to run to and the scorers would have a nightmare working out which Stuart Law had scored which runs.

Then we read that Brad Hodge topped Lancashire's batting averages last year.

Then we remembered that we actually quite rate Brad Hodge and that he's been dropped by Australia and will therefore be resoundingly available for the season, unlike most overseas players.

Moral: Spend more than a fraction of a second thinking about some stuff. Not all stuff, though. You don't have time.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

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