Sir Ian of Beef

Ian Botham's finally been knighted.

When we grew up, Ian Botham was THE sportsman. Not just THE cricketer, but THE sportsman. In childlike arguments about who the 'best in the world' was - because things are so black and white when you're young - Ian Botham was the best batsman in the world and he was the best bowler in the world.

If nothing else that was a mark of his achievements, to be that well regarded by kids is the ultimate accolade in many ways.

Ian Botham has also raised the small matter of 10 million pounds for charity - primarily leukaemia and cancer charities.

Leukaemia mortality rates have fallen from 80% to 20% during the period that Botham's made this money. Obviously, budgets are huge, but 10 million pounds could support a particular research project for years so Ian Botham has undeniably made a tangible difference.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

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Anonymous the scientician said...

I'd like to take you to task over Botham being THE sportsman of the 80s child's youth.

I see you Beefy, and raise you a Daley Thompson.

10:44 pm  
Anonymous Dan said...

I was gonna agree, citing his Decathlon game as proof of DT's prowess. But then I found this...


11:31 am  

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