Benevolent Uncle Sanath signs for Lancashire

Lancashire have signed Benevolent Uncle Sanath for the duration of the Twenty20, which is not a bad move at all. We're especially pleased, not just because Jayasuriya's so good, but because he seems like a really nice bloke.

We like it when Lancashire's overseas players are nice. It makes us feel warm; like we don't live in a world where people will steal the front wheel of your bike if you don't chain it to a policeman.

Apparently Benevolent Uncle Sanath retired from all forms of international cricket after the World Cup. We thought he would, but managed to miss the announcement anyway. We were probably busy staring into space and humming.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

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Anonymous Eastfieldcricket said...

Happy Birthday

4:02 pm  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...


We did mention that last year, but we're still a bit freaked out...

4:17 pm  
Anonymous Eastfieldcricket said...

I also meant to ask you who you think should be in the international twenty20 team. I think it could be really good to use the county players who know the game and are doing so well in it. England test and ODI players can apply but should not be automatic choices. They should also be able to choose not to be in it without penalty.

4:22 pm  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...

We'd go for a bit of a mix. A few established players and a few up-and-coming youngsters.

We'd like to see potential 50 over death bowlers and perhaps an opener who could take advantage of fielding restrictions in that format.

Specific names?

Ravi Bopara
James Benning
Stuart Broad

By-and-large most of the best players are in and around the England squad anyway.

4:43 pm  
Anonymous briony said...

u r a soooo clever

i luv u


5:43 pm  
Anonymous Miriam said...

Happy Birthday etc. Another nice thing about Benevolent Uncle Sanath's signing is that it's also to cover for Murali during the SL-Bangladesh series, thus maintaining Lancs' quota of thirtysomething Sri Lankan cricketing legends. B.U.S. could have just been at home with his feet, or on a cruise, or whatever else people do when they retire, but no, - he's helping out a mate.

6:35 pm  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...

He's probably looking after Murali's house as well: Watering his geraniums, feeding his cat.

9:56 am  
Anonymous Mahinda said...

Happy Birthday!

GREAT to see that B.U.S. has been drafted into the Lanky Lanky Lancashire team. In fact, I'm surprised you've not made some pithy "Sri Lankashire" comment...or do you not stoop _quite_ that low?

Anyway, looks as though I'll be off to Headingley to watch the Roses Twenty20 match, in the company of some feeeeeelthy pigdogs from wrong side o' t'Pennines. Sanath likes Headingley :o)

12:35 pm  
Anonymous Miriam said...

1) Sanath certainly does heart Headingly.

2) I always suspected Murali would be a cat person not a dog person.

4:07 pm  
Anonymous Miriam said...

BTW: I don't think you did miss an announcement about Jayasuriya retiring from international cricket - he's been named in the SL ODI squad for the forthcoming Bangladesh series.

10:46 pm  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...

Oh yeah. And apparently he's only being rested from the Test team.

We swear we read that. We swear we read that he'd retired on the BBC and now they've changed it.

We swear.

11:18 pm  
Anonymous Miriam said...

Well, you know Sanath. He probably did, and then changed his mind. Like Sinatra: always one "final encore".

10:04 am  

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