Why don't they play cricket in the rain?

Because the ball's rock hard and it digs into the soft ground, bouncing weirdly.

So this happens:

And then this:

This is Mark Vermeulen. He has a fractured head. Nobody wants a broken head.

The first one's not Mark Vermeulen. It's Dave Mohammed. Everyone loves Dave Mohammed.


Friday, June 15, 2007

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Blogger GAAR said...

That bump on Mark Vermeulen's head might explain why he threw a ball at a member of the crowd in a Lancashire league game, and then tried to burn down the Zimbabwe cricket academy

2:40 pm  
Anonymous Mahinda said...

...and then this, unfortunately.

[Damn thing won't let me insert IMG tags in comments. Grrrr.]

3:40 pm  
Anonymous Miriam said...

Gaar, your comment might end up being confirmed in a COURT OF LAW you lucky thing. Mark Vermeulen would have had his arson trial today, but it's been postponed as they are still considering medical reports, one of which relates to said knock on head.

4:36 pm  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...

We'd join in with this, but someone who knows Mark Vermeulen wrote to us when we called him 'mental' asking us how we could publish these 'lies' when we didn't even know him.

We cited the whole 'burning a building down' thing, but they were unmoved.

It was quite irritating, so we're remaining silent - as you can see.

4:48 pm  

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