Steve Harmison minces Kent

Bowlers win matches. England's most important bowler is Steve Harmison. When Steve Harmison plays well, England play well. Steve Harmison hasn't played all that well in Tests of late.

Fortunately, he seems to be finding a bit of form. He's taken rucks of wickets in every match he's played so far this season, most recently against Kent, where he took 4-75 and then 5-61 in a Durham win.

Steve Harmison's 7-12 against the West Indies is a performance he's never likely to improve upon, but they're definitely a side he enjoys playing, which is good news with a Test against them starting on Thursday. The 7-12 kicked things off, but he continued to bowl well against them when they toured England that same year.

After a winter spent watching them lose, we're looking forward to a more positive England returning this summer. Harmison's taken more wickets at a lower average than anyone in the first division so far this season - 24 wickets at 14.37. If he's truly back to his best, then so might England be.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

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