Andy Flower is England's assistant coach

We like Andy Flower. We think he'll make a good assistant coach.

Andy Flower excelled as a Test batsman. More than that, he excelled in a poor team, as captain and wicketkeeper, with all the pressure that entailed. It's hard to quantify these things, but from what we've read his success was based more on 'having a bit of a think' than any extraordinary powers bequeathed him by the Egyptian God Thoth or any other deity - not sure why we picked Thoth there.

Andy Flower knew the importance of preparation for a Test batsman and he never stopped learning. He didn't play spin all that well at first, but he became a master, scoring bucketloads on one tour of India. If he can teach others as well as he taught himself, England are onto a winner.

Of course for all we know, he might muck about the whole time, mooning people and roshambo-ing them. Seems unlikely though.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

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Anonymous Jill said...

A real blow for my fantasy cricket team though. I am running out of Zimbabweans.
I hope the ECB will hold onto him and do better by him than they did with Trevor or with Troy Cooley. It is his loss that cost Harmison his confidence and England their ace ODI bowler.

4:17 pm  
Anonymous Mahinda said...

Andy Flower is ace.

They do say that the naturally gifted don't make the best teachers -- those that had to graft at it themselves know better how to impart The Skills to others.


12:06 pm  

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