Dominic Cork and Glen Chapple

Sorry for the lull. We've been away for a few days. We had a bit of a canoe in a vain attempt to alter our flabby, yet paradoxically scrawny physique. Fully-clad, we look like Glenn McGrath (without the mullet of course). Remove our shirt and suddenly we're Shane Warne.

One thing we missed while we were away was a further development in our schizophrenic attitude to Lancashire all-rounders Glen Chapple and Dominic Cork. The pair bowled out Surrey for 120 setting up a Lancashire win. Chapple took 4-40 and Cork, 3-39.

We have no idea where we stand on Glen Chapple and Dominic Cork. Chapple's 33. Cork's 35. Neither are the future of Lancashire cricket club. Neither has the pace they once had either and we despise fast-medium swing bowlers in county cricket - purely because there are so many of them. It gets a bit boring.

Chapple and Cork take up two slots in the bowling attack, so younger bowlers like Saj Mahmood, Tom Smith and Kyle Hogg don't get the opportunities they might. On the other hand, they keep doing things like bowling Surrey out for 120. They're both great bowlers.

They're also both good batsmen. This is a good thing, but the knock-on effect is that all-rounders like Smith and Hogg have to bat at nine or ten where they don't get a chance to do a lot.

We're so conflicted.

Neither managed to take a wicket in the current one-day match against Durham. Chapple then got a duck and Cork was out for five.

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Monday, May 07, 2007

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