Mark Ramprakash scores runs for fun

But not just for fun. Mark Ramprakash scores runs for a living, for fun, for a pastime. He scores runs in his sleep. He can probably make a fifty from the sanctity of the crapper.

The man's becoming a modern-day phenomenon. Last year we reckoned that he got Galvatron off his dad as a reward for passing 2,000 first-class runs. That number of runs overshadowed his nearest rival to a ludicrous extent. It was like a gnat standing in the shadow of the sun (if the sun didn't preclude shadows by its very nature).

This year, dad's clearly promised to buy him Grimlock if he once again passes 2,000 runs, because Mark's already averaging over a hundred (again) after scoring 266 not out against reigning champions Sussex yesterday.

His batting partner for much of that time was Mark Butcher, who hit 179. Mark Butcher was One To Watch last year. He played well, but it rapidly became pointless to document his achievements when they were so neglible compared to Mark Ramprakash's.

Other county news to which we can't be bothered dedicating a whole post:

Another Transformer-owning phenomenon, Muralitharan, had a good day yesterday. He took 6-72 against Worcestershire, but Lancashire are getting battered, so we don't really want to talk about it.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

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I went to a cricket match once. It was RUBBISH

1:13 pm  
Anonymous Chris said...

He clearly has a picture of Grimlock sellotaped to the inside of his helmet to spur him on.

1:16 pm  

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