Rob Key - leader of men

The Atheist, of Are You A Left Arm Chinaman? fame, sent us this:

What it's about: "Here is Rob Key as a heroic Saxon king leading his mighty army into battle. A sight familiar to all loyal Kent fans."

Would you dare mess with the great man? No, of course not. Why would you be on any side other than Rob Key's anyway. That would be ludicrous.

Today's a special day, so we're putting up a bonus Rob Key picture later on.

As most of you know, it's the first Test against the West Indies today - at Lord's. The last time the Windies toured, the first Test at Lord's featured no fewer than 221 runs off the bat of Rob Key in England's first innings.

It's not stretching things too far to say that was the best day ever - of all of them. It was the best day in history. We couldn't have reached that day without a whole load of other things happening first, like the Big Bang or the development of the opposable thumb or the invention of cricket, but these things were all just tiny footsteps towards the ultimate goal: Rob Key thrashing 221 in a Test match.

Lord knows why we bother carrying on really.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

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Anonymous Chris said...

I really hope that the axe blades on his mighty bat are retractable and pop out on the press of a secret button on his bat handle.

How cool would that be?


10:03 am  
Blogger The Scientician said...

is this an appeal now then?
I see what you did there...

Anyway, Saxon king? or a more rotund, extra foetal He-Man?

10:51 am  
Blogger The Atheist said...

Saxon kings have to do be "well-built". To fend off the bitter Northern cold and to display his royal prestige to his underling warriors.

11:23 am  

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