Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division

Love Will Tear Us Apart just came on the radio. Because of an unusual cover version that we heard at the cricket a few years ago which championed Andrew Strauss, we now find ourself in the unusual position of finding that the song stirs a hitherto unsuspected depth of patriotism within us.

The song now seems inextricably tied to watching England at Old Trafford with a beer in our hand on a glorious sunny day. It's equally related to the sight of a paralytic, paunchy, shirtless, red-faced man reeling around stand B, manfully bellowing his chant solo through an oesophagus full of phlegm.

It seems strangely appropriate that a song containing the line 'ambitions are low' should become a theme of sorts for this website.

Everybody take a sip of tea, tip your head back and: 'Strauuuuusss. He will waltz you around... again.'

The hairs on the back of our neck are standing on end at the mere thought of it.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

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