Scott Styris's stupid beard

We've decided to upgrade The Leviathan to a kraken after he hit yet another 50 yesterday. The Kraken is a particularly fitting moniker due to its repellent visage.

Once again, we reiterate: Scott Styris, aka The Colossus, aka The Leviathan, aka The Kraken, is unstoppable.

He's unstoppable in more than one respect as well. Not content with having not one, but two of the world's stupidest haircuts, The Kraken has now decided to grow a ridiculous beard. It really is stunningly ludicrous - he doesn't have the hair colour to pull off any kind of facial hair.

Sorry, we can't find a photo of it yet, but we assure you that it's there inside that helmet.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

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