Scott Styris's hair

Did anyone catch sight of Scott Styris's 'do' last night? It's ludicrous.

Styris is a dork, even by the standards of New Zealand cricket. They all seem like nice guys, but, you know, maybe TOO nice. We reckon that we could face most of them down and a friend coined the word 'geekotron' to describe us the other day.

Scott Styris, Joe Uncool, has clearly decided to address his innate dorkiness, seemingly ignorant of the fact that there is NOTHING HE CAN DO, because his dorkiness is far too deep-rooted to be affected by anything like a haircut.

As a result of this, he has in fact compounded the situation by affecting a sort of horrendous mish-mash of 'the fin' and 'the mullet' - already the two worst haircuts ever created.

We can't find a good picture, unfortunately. If you saw him last night, you'll appreciate that this is probably for the best.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

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