Saqibul Hasan is in Bangladesh's World Cup squad

Saqibul Hasan was always going to be in Bangladesh's World Cup squad, but we're guessing that most of you don't pay as much attention to Bangladesh's one-day line-up as we do.

All we're really doing is restating our belief that Saqibul Hasan is going to be 'Someone'. He may not be Someone at this World Cup. He'll be someone - he'll be Saqibul Hasan. We're just not sure he'll be 'Someone'.

He's still only 19, so we might have to be patient. On the other hand, great players do great things on the grandest of stages, so maybe we shouldn't be patient.

At the time of writing, Saqibul averages 40 with the bat in one-day internationals and 26 with the ball. He's only played 18 matches and the vast majority were against Zimbabwe, so you can probably ignore those figures.

Far better to admire his textbook batting in the accompanying minuscule and blurry photo. Some people might say that he looks overcoached on this evidence, but they'd be wrong. You can't teach a batting stance like that. It's innate.

We're uncertain whether that's a lone, disapproving spectator in the background, or the door to the gents.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

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Blogger omar said...

is he righty or lefty?

hard to judge from that blurry picture.

9:35 pm  
Blogger Rezwan said...

He is a left hander and plays in the middle order. Like Michael Bevan he keeps the bowlers under pressure with tricky singles. Saqibul's statistics in Cricinfo.

He is the son of one of the Bangladesh's cricket legend Raqibul Hasan, who debuted in 1979 against Fiji in ICC trophy. Raqibul has been in important Bangladesh Cricket Board positions like Tournament director, manager and selector.

6:23 pm  

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