A new Matt Prior photograph

Matt Prior's signed a new deal at Sussex, which of course means that we get a new photograph. Matt Prior photographs are always class.

There was this one of Geraint Jones appearing to check out his arse. We suppose that this doesn't really count as a Matt Prior photograph, but is it really a coincidence that he appears?

There was this one of him getting buff.

There was this one that's innocuous by his standards, but would probably rank as worst-haired photograph ever for anyone else.

And there was the Erasure fan/navvy look one.

To be honest, today's examples are a bit disappointing. Here's what Sussex use on their website:

Fortunately, the BBC come to our rescue:

And if you're thinking 'hey, that's just a portrait of him - that's not a good photo', just look again.

Look at him. Look at his bald head. Look how bald it is. Balder than most bald people's bald heads, that's for sure.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

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