Saqibul Hasan top-scores against England

saqibulCheck it out - it's an actual picture of Saqibul Hasan where you can see his face and everything. He looks like the kind of person who beats us at Scrabble and makes us knock the board over. Curse you Q without a U or a blank. Curse you!

We kind of feel like we don't have to mould unfriendly facts to fit our own skewed world view today. Nobody scored runs for England against Bangladesh. Nobody scored runs for Bangladesh against England. Except Saqibul Hasan!

57 not out was comfortably - COMFORTABLY - the best innings of the match and that makes Saqibul the best player of the match. There was no other cricket going on yesterday, so yesterday he was the best batsman in the world.

Let's celebrate by putting 'Saqibul' on a triple word score, even though it's a proper noun. Let's see: That's 18 points times three, plus 50 for using all your letters - that's at least 104 points and you'll get even more for the word you've tacked an S onto the end of. That's better than 'Tait' wherever you put it.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

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