Inzamam-ul-Haq steps down as Pakistan Test captain

It's all-change for Pakistani cricket. The chairman's resigned, as have the selection committee. Inzy's resigned as the Test captain and most painfully of all, their coach, Bob Woolmer, has died.

There was talk of a breakdown in relations between Inzy and Bob Woolmer in the aftermath of the ball-tampering shenanigans at the Oval last summer, but the two of them always seemed to be quite a team. We don't give any credence to those rumours.

At the press conference announcing his decision to step down as Test captain, Inzy apparently struggled to hold in his emotion. According to the BBC's Alison Mitchell, Inzy recounted how he had told Bob Woolmer that he would discuss his own future with him tomorrow. “Tomorrow” Inzy said, “never came.”

Doubtless Inzy had already made his mind up to step down as captain, but we wonder whether this was based on Bob Woolmer's anticipated absence - it seems as if Woolmer had already resolved to leave his role prior to his demise.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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