Cricket's role on St Patrick's Day

We were going to accompany this update with a picture of a leprechaun. Then we thought maybe people wouldn't see it as a comment on one-note, shamrock-and-Guinness media knee-jerkism. We'd hate to be lumped in with all those cliché-mongers - and yes, there is such a thing as a cliché-monger.

Instead we've included a rather classy picture of a woman drinking in a Dublin pub. This update revolves around the Irish drinking in pubs on St Patrick's Day, because that's not at all a cliché. Ho no no.

Does anyone have an eye-witness account of St Patrick's Day in Ireland's pubs? It strikes us that Ireland's cricket win was perfectly-timed to pick up the pieces after the rugby team were cruelly robbed of the Six Nations in the dying seconds of France's game against Scotland.

We have this image of disappointed Irishmen switching channel after the rugby, only to find that a different Ireland team are winning against the odds. Everyone sits, rapt, until the winning run is scored. Lo, at a stroke, cricket has forced itself into the national consciousness and cricket in Ireland never looks back.

Either that or no-one understands what the score means and switches off half-way through.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

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