Nick Compton, Middlesex - one to watch in 2007

Nick Compton was a sort of pseudo-One To Watch last year, in that we watched his progress anyway, without naming him.

As far as we can tell Nick Compton has a virtually unquenchable thirst for runs, which is a good thing for a batsman. Look at him. Look at Nick. Look at how parched he is even after he's scored his 12th hundred of the day.

'That boy's thirst for runs is unquenchable' they'll say in county grounds around the land. 'You're not wrong,' Nick'll reply. 'I'm mighty thirsty. Thirsty for EVEN MORE runs.' And he'll drink and drink from the cup of runs, never once feeling satisfied, even when runs are dribbling down his chest because he's so tired of run-drinking he can't open his mouth properly.

Nick Compton also has a thirst for HIGH FASHION.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

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