Australia's World Cup winning bowlers

We're reserving any 'all-time greatest' tag, because we weren't convinced by Australia's bowling attack. They inevitably had huge totals to defend, so their opponents had to take risks. Having said that, this is effectively criticising the efficiency of the team. Shouldn't an all-time greatest side be efficient?

Perhaps we should be more specific. Raving Metrosexual, Shane Watson, is a terrible bowler compared to his team mates. It's not that he's incompetent. It's just that he doesn't do anything with the ball. He doesn't move it; he rarely changes pace. He's asking for trouble. The greatest-ever one-day side would have a better fifth bowler.

Shaun Tait was crucial in many of the games with his ability to take wickets, but he's one in particular who you wouldn't want to bowl if you were defending a smaller total. It's strange to say considering his success, but not many teams other than Australia could accommodate him.

Brad Hogg's similar. He takes a lot of wickets, but perhaps on the back of batsmen trying to force the pace. However, we're led to believe that nobody picked his wrong 'un. We know this because every single commentator said this during every single Australia match. Presumably they're all correct.

Australia: 2007 World Cup winners

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

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