Alistair Brown, 268 in a one-day match

Yesterday Alistair Brown hit 176 off just 97 balls in a one-day match against Gloucestershire. Incredibly, this isn't even remotely his highest score, for he's hit two one-day double-hundreds. No other first-class cricketer has yet managed this. His best innings was 268 against Glamorgan in June 2002.

You'd think maybe Alistair Brown should be in England's one-day team, but at 37 he's perhaps a little old, even if Paul Nixon seems to prove otherwise. He did get 16 one-day international caps, but surely it should have been more. This is a man who's hit 14,000 first-class runs at 43, so he's not just some slogger with the occasional on-day.

Besides, what kind of an on-day is 268 off 160 balls? Nobody's THAT lucky.

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Monday, April 30, 2007

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