Pigeons being conspicuously indifferent about cricket

Hurray. Someone contributed to our 'Animals Being Conspicuously Indifferent About Cricket' segment.

Oliver sent us this:

He says: "The pigeons in this picture are being conspicuously indifferent about cricket. They know that HD Ackerman has just made a hundred for Leicestershire at Trent Bridge, but all they care about is pecking around in the outfield, because they are totally indifferent about cricket."

Pigeons famously renounced cricket back in 1925 after a tragic incident when one of their number was killed by a Herbert Sutcliffe on-drive. It was tragic because there was no long-on, so Sutcliffe was denied a certain four.

This is a first-rate reader contribution. Well done, Oliver. The rest of you: More of this kind of thing.

More animals being conspicuously indifferent to cricket

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to be pedantic but it's indifferent TO not ABOUT...

1:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of our lifetime ambitions is to be 'slammed' in print. We didn't think it would happen on our own website though.

Duly noted for later in the week, Rosie.

9:11 am  
Blogger Ne said...

Please can someone educate me as to why it is "to" not "about".
I'm just a humble Scientician, and they gave A grade English GCSEs out to anyone back in the mid-90s.

12:13 pm  
Blogger scott c said...

The OED says:

indifferent, a.1 I.2
2. Not inclined to one thing or course more than to another; having no inclination or feeling for or against a thing; hence, Without interest or feeling in regard to something; unconcerned, unmoved, careless, apathetic, insensible. Const. to.

So there.

1:28 pm  

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