Sourav Ganguly's in India's Test squad

Can. Of. Worms.

We heard a rumour about this yesterday, but we didn't think it was at all credible: Sourav Ganguly has been brought back into India's Test squad.

This is wrong. It really is. We've nothing against Ganguly, but the guy attracts extremes of emotion. Things were just starting to die down after he was axed as captain and subsequently dropped, but this is like filling a pan with napalm and putting it on the fire to simmer for a bit.

Plus he's kind of crap in Tests, or at least he had been for the last year or so in the national side. He's a more than decent one-day player, but even one-day selection would be a retrogressive step. India's hardly short of batting talent, even if their performances in their current series in South Africa haven't shown that. They just don't need him.

He performed badly in county cricket this season. We believe that he's made one hundred in Indian domestic cricket. All Ganguly's selection does is jab a huge, double-handed sword into an open, infected wound and wriggle it around a bit.

The other minus point is that we realised that we've always spelt his first name wrong, up until now. That makes us more upset than you might think.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

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Blogger Indranil said...

You asshole, "Sourav hater", eat your own spit now.
Don't dare to talk about cricket from now onwards....

4:57 pm  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...

"We've nothing against Ganguly, but the guy attracts extremes of emotion."


5:45 pm  
Anonymous Brian said...

Quite right Indranil!

I have been trying to encourage Mr King Cricket to talk about snooker for quite some time too! He seems obsessed with cricket so Mr King Cricket I say to you

"Lick your own spit!"

7:53 pm  
Blogger omar said...

hmm - wow. What a bunch of uncouth idiots.

eat your own spit? eh? don't we do that all the time anyway?

or lick?

i would taste my own spit..

why spit?

very odd

4:20 pm  
Anonymous simonc said...

Blimey, and I thought my previous comment about Mohammed Asif was unjustifiably aggressive (I have no memory of leaving it, incidentally; proof if proof were needed that drunken internet usage should be punished as harshly as drunken driving, if not more).

Can't help but think that "eat your own spit" rather sucks as an insult, however. Being averse to randomly expectorating around the office, I do this all the time without considering its impact on my cricketing opinions. Should I be concerned?

3:25 am  

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