Ones To Watch: Graeme Swann, Nottinghamshire

It's make or break for the off-spinning all-rounder this season. We think that his promise will be fulfilled. It better be, because no-one really aims to become a 'fixture' in the A side.

The Northamptonshire native's move to Nottinghamshire shows that he's willing to make changes to succeed. Or something. Maybe his mum chucked him out. He's not got a great deal of hope of making the England side really, but if he picks his game up for a period of time, he may get a chance further down the line.

Any readers in Nottinghamshire should go along to every game and scream: "Come on Swanny!" at the tops of their voices for the whole of every day's play for the entire season. That should do the trick. Don't get put off by his being dropped or by the police or anything.

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Friday, March 31, 2006

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